Michael's Storytime

Explore rare, forgotten, and classic children’s picture books in new episodes of the children’s educational series, Michael’s Storytime.

Literacy Inititave

Michael started his first children’s program in his garage when he was just fifteen years-old. Comforted by the classic television programs of the early 1950’s and 60’s, Michael set out to create a literature based children’s program to help inspire a love of reading and emergent literacy development. While primarily produced for a preschool audience, Michael’s Storytime is used in both children and adult classrooms so caregivers can discover new resources to support early language development.

As a child development professor and an early advisor on the series, Professor Maria George helped set the stage to establish the show’s premise. “Think of it like bookends,” she said, after taking home a stack of picture books and scripts to share with her children. “Use the lead-ins and closings to introduce and discuss the story, then have the books in the middle for ones to enjoy.”

The cognitive, social and emotional development of early childhood education remain the show’s central focus, but our hope is for children and caregivers to access the tools they need to help encourage the world be a kinder place.