Michael’s Storytime is a children’s educational series, dedicated to reading and discussing children’s literature. 

At bedtime, on a rainy day, or just as a special moment together, the benefits of a child being read to are vast! It teaches children how to:

. Communicate
. Practice listening
. Improves memory skills
. Sensory motor skills
. Expands vocabulary
. Embraces imagination
. Opens a world of discovery and learning

Most importantly, reading aloud leads to reading well. We set the stage for academic success by reading to children when they’re young.

With our busy lives, finding time to read together is increasingly challenging.

There will never be a substitute for a caregiver reading with a child, but Michael’s Storytime tries to provide a caring and comforting environment, that celebrates the reading experience.

The purpose of Michael’s Storytime isn’t to teach children how to read, but to share stories that can inspire a lifelong love of literacy and learning.