She was my friend and next-door neighbor for many years. When I was 3 years old I can remember toddling over to her house, where she’d greet me with a smile and treats from her cupboard. Through the years I kept visiting Lucy. I would tell her my worries as well as my dreams and there she would sit in an oversize, comfy, blue chair and listened with great care.

She would tell me stories about her life and shared her love of music, opera and fine art. Her late husband was an artist, so the house was filled with the works of his unique art style. We talked about life and exchanged philosophies about the world and our place in it. She shared her love of Joseph Campbell and with great joy would retell some of her favorite myths and stories.

She shared her spiritual views from the East and how important it was to love and care for our neighbors. At no point did I ever feel like a child having a conversation with an adult. To me, we were friends, both standing on opposite ends of the life spectrum, yet able to come together each week and offer each other our own kind of company and care.

When I started work on our Storytime program, I like very much to think that I kept Lucy in mind. From her picture, you might even notice some similarities in our set. But what’s more, I hope there can be found similarities in Lucy’s spirit. A caring adult not having a simple conversation with a child, but a real loving exchange between friends.

Lucy and I on my first children’s program in my garage.

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