Writing has been important to me as far back as I can remember, and yet it never occurred to me to try and start something like a blog until recently. When I think about some of my favorite writers, if they were alive today, they would have probably, most definitely, had some kind of online writing platform.

Edgar Allan Poe, for example. Can you imagine how amazing that would be? Or Ted Geisel, better know as Dr. Seuss. Truman Capote would have had a blog and Ray Bradbury, for sure! Maybe even P. L. Travers, the author of Mary Poppins. I could see her filling one with esoteric parables and myths and legends and fairy stories from Ireland.

But what is it I want to say?

I suppose I should start by introducing myself. My name is Michael Kinsell. I’m a 26 year-old preschool teacher from San Diego. Preschoolers and picture books are my passion! Getting to work with 4 year-old’s each day, is a tremendous gift to my life.

Aside from that, I’m also the creator and host of a children’s program called: Michael’s Storytime. It’s a preschool series dedicated to reading and discussing picture books. I write all the songs and scripts. If you’d like to watch some of the episodes or hear some of my music, you’re welcome to do so through my YouTube channel:

I have an amazing life, but getting to this point hasn’t been easy. Life isn’t easy, but the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into creating the exceedingly simple seeming, Michael’s Storytime, has undoubtedly shed years off my life. You’d think I had set out to make Ben Hur, considering what it’s cost me.

Perhaps that’s where I should start. I can write about how Michael’s Storytime came to be, and the unimaginable journey it’s been, since I started this project back in my garage when I was 15.

Perhaps this can also be a place to talk about preschoolers, production, picture books, and share the occasional Pug picture. Stay tuned! And in the meantime, you’re welcome to learn more about me through the following links.

Official Website: www.michaelkinsell.com
YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCmIy-braeioa_3d-UC-F8kA
Facebook: www.facebook.com/michaelsstorytime
Twitter: www.twitter.com/MichaelKinsell
Instagram: www.instagram.com/michaelkinsell
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/michaelkinsell
SoundCloud: www.soundcloud.com/michael-kinsell-603932584